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LifeCare Hospitals of Dayton  Miamisburg  OH
Physical Medicine
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Occupational Therapist
The Occupational Therapist (OT) plans and conducts the occupational therapy activities to improve patient function and prevent disability following disease or injury. Helps patients reach maximum performance within the limits of his/her capabilities. The OT is active in department activities, transdisciplinary team activities, and LifeCare activities to ensure individualized, patient-centered health care for all patient populations admitted to LifeCare Hospital.

Essential Functions:
1. Evaluates patients per MD orders and develops patient-specific plans of care that include short and long term goals to help rehabilitate patients to maintain, improve or restore physical functioning, alleviate pain and prevent physical dysfunction in patients.
2. Implements plan of care in a safe and supportive manner. Interacts with the patient regarding condition, progress and/or achievement of goals during each treatment session. Documents treatments and patient response. Communicates changing patient needs to physician.
3. Evaluates effects of treatment at various stages and adjusts treatments and short and long term goals to achieve maximum benefit. The outcome of care provided and progress toward the goals are documented.
4. Directs, supervises, assesses and communicates with occupational therapy assistants and rehabilitation techs. Delegates responsibilities appropriately. Works in collaboration with the transdisciplinary team, patient and family.
5. Provides education to transdisciplinary team, patient and family concerning diagnosis, treatment and post discharge care. Provides training and supervision of therapy techniques and objectives for members of the transdisciplinary team and students (if applicable).
6. Plans/organizes work to maintain caseload, effectively schedules patient treatment sessions, maintains patient records and charges. Assures that equipment is maintained and is in clean and working order. Reports equipment maintenance and/or repair timely.
7. The knowledge and skills necessary to perform the position requirements are demonstrated through the successful completion of competencies established for the position, to include population served, and other special needs of patients or customers served by the department.
8. Adheres to LifeCare policies, procedures, all safety plans, and all standards imposed by regulatory organizations.
9. Regular attendance and timeliness is required.
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from an accredited school
1. Current license as an Occupational Therapist in state where currently practicing
2. Current BLS certification required
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