Date Posted
LifeCare Corporate Office  Plano  TX
Position Title
Director of Market Development, Growth & Diversification
General Summary: The Director of Market Development, Growth, & Diversification works with assigned hospital Business Development director and staff to ensure processes, marketing activities and training is in place. This position ensures the business development staff is conveying and maintaining a positive image to all external and internal contacts. The Director is actively involved in external activities, and primarily responsible for knocking down barriers in the market.

Essential Functions:

1. Develop list of viable targets in the market, and establish working relationships with said targets to ensure successful business development moving forward.
2. Execute business development initiatives that would apply to all hospitals ensuring that timelines and goals are being met.
3. Work with assigned hospital teams to support their efforts in achieving admission targets.
4. Cross-pollinate best practices in the business development and marketing areas to ensure hospitals employ effective and efficient processes.
-Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration, Marketing, or related field required. Master's Degree Preferred.
-At least 6 years in a market development role at the regional, or corporate level.
-Strategic Thinker and Sales Development Driven
-Must be able to execute high level presentations, and have confidence in written and oral skills.
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